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StarginineTM combines the benefits of pharmaceutical grade L-arginine & our pH BALMTM proprietary delivery system. The plant derived, pH balanced, Bio-Available Living Minerals ensure superior absorption into the bloodstream for immediate response & maximum results.

StarginineTM, offers our 100% Bio-Available Fulvic Acid liquid base for an unmatched system delivery to the cellular level. With an unsurpassed delivery of L-Arginine, you can expect vascular dilation & absorption by the body superior to many pill or powder L-Arginine supplements available. Before the formulation of StarginineTM, the taste of L-arginine supplements available on the market were terrible at best which has prevented many people from experiencing the beneficial effects of this amino acid supplement.

Over two decades ago it was discovered that the nitric oxide released by the inner layer of cells (endothelium) in the arteries increases the elasticity of the artery walls keeping them flexible and boosting blood flow. In 1998, the Nobel Prize in medicine was awarded to three doctors for their research linking nitric oxide (NO15) with arterial health.

L-Arginine is an amino acid that assists the body in producing nitric oxide (NO15). For this reason, it has been used to treat cardiovascular disorders such as heart failure, intermittent claudication, impotence, female sexual dysfunction, and interstitial cystitis. In clinical trials, L-Arginine has also been shown to have a role in cell division, removing ammonia from the body, improving immunity to illness, and hormone secretion.

Production of nitric oxide by the cells lessens as we age. A lack of nitric oxide in our cardiovascular system contributes to hypertension, plaque buildup (atherosclerosis), and inflammation in blood vessels as a result of the vessels constricting and becoming less flexible.

L-arginine is found in many foods, such as dairy products, meat, poultry, fish, nuts, and chocolate. Whether you are supplementing for cardiovascular illness, diabetes, sexual enhancement or a an extraordinary workout in the gym, you can count on StarginineTM.

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