The Minerals your body needs,

The Energy your body deserves!

Delivered Naturally.

EnergyStarTM liquid contains the most easily digestible and bioavailable organic mineral complexes and amino acids available. EnergyStarTM is pure extracted Fulvic Acid from humate, which has been referred to as a "fountain of youth" because of its role in plant and animal nutrition.

EnergyStarTM is a rich source of bio-available Fulvic Acid, micro and macro minerals nutrients. Fulvic Acid is thought by leading natural health experts to be one of the most important "missing links" in the modern food chain. Medical and agricultural research continues to conclusively point to one fact: fulvic acid either directly or indirectly holds the keys and solutions to many of the world's health problems.

The only way the human body can benefit from mineral nutrients is if they are available to be absorbed. Fulvic Acid enhances this absorption process by enabling minerals to pass through cell membranes. The average plant derived mineral is less than 0.00001 micron in size, (approximately 1 angstrom) conceivably the size of a red blood cell. The body is made up of 100 trillion cells that need constant mineral nutrients to support the energy level for healthy, vigorous life. Fulvic Acid is the transporter of trace elements and amino acids to the body's cells.

EnergyStarTM fulvic acid mineral complexes are the world's finest electrolyte, which improves energy function, increases assimilation, stimulates metabolism, restores electrochemical balance, reduces high blood pressure, enhances nutrients, and helps rebuild the immune system.

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